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Keepvid helps those who need to convert and download Youtube video to MP4 without any need to signup, account registrations or other sillyness with apps and emails.. Simply copy Youtube video URL and insert it into the search box up above, hit Download button. You will see a few download options, there will be MP4 and a few others possibly M4A, WEBM, etc. Select the format you like and convert Youtube video to MP4 or any other video format supported free, fast and secure.

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You can download Youtube videos using Keepvid's app. It's nothing special, just this website in your favorite web browser shell. This works on Android and Windows based mobiles, so it's very useful. But you don't have to use it: as mentioned before, you don't need any apps or software to download Youtube videos to your device for offline good times.

Shortcut for desktop/laptop owners

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This is mostly for Apple product users (a shortcut) and for PC/Android laptop and desktop users, - bookmark-let. Whichever way you are able to save it to your browser bookmarks, - it's the only way to use it, as a normal bookmark, only when pressed it will also copy your current page link and insert into our form on Keepvid, so use it while browsing videos, you'll know waht we're talking about. This shortcut allows users to cut out video URL copy-pasting step of the process.